Beatrix Potter – “The Tale of Samuel Whiskers” or “The Roly Poly Pudding” (1908)

INTRODUCTION:  Beatrix Potter’s keen ability to observe and document living things is often more scientifically accurate than one would think – considering we’re talking about anthropomorphic cats and rabbits.  The following annotations of “The Tale of Samuel Whiskers” or “The Roly Poly Pudding” seek to fact-check the behaviors and characteristics of the animals in the story against scientific studies.  This is, of course, a very silly thing to do and not intended as a critique of Potter’s delightful story.

ANNOTATED DOCUMENT:  potterbeatrix_thetaleofsamuelwhiskers

Annotations by:  Rachel Linn

The annotated text is adapted from: 

Works cited & consulted in the annotations: 

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