Rachel Linn – “The Hedgehog” (2017)

INTRODUCTION:  The text I’ve annotated below is one of my own stories (published last spring in Cease, Cows).  Although I think stories should stand on their own, I’m certainly not confident enough about my writing to think that mine always do.  In this case, there are some good reasons to try explain what I was influenced by and reaching for. 

Recommendation:  I wrote the first drafts of this story before I watched Jordan Peele’s Get Out in January 2017 and I was very humbled by his much more sophisticated / nuanced / you-name-it take on some of the ideas I had tried to put into this fairytale retelling.  WATCH IT.

ANNOTATED DOCUMENT:  LinnRachel_TheHedgehog

Annotations by:  Rachel Linn

The annotated text is adapted from:  

Works cited & consulted in the annotations:  

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