Daphne du Maurier – “Don’t Look Now” (1971)

INTRODUCTION:  Daphne du Maurier’s 1971 short story, “Don’t Look Now”, was turned into a horror film by director Nicolas Roeg in 1973.  The two versions are quite similar in general, but the plot and symbolism of the film makes slightly more sense, while psychological realism is stronger in the short story.  I made this brief annotation of passages from du Maurier’s story including connections to the film because I think they’re best taken together.

As I was writing up notes on passages from the short story, I realized that I had been referring to Donald Sutherland’s character in the film as “the husband” and the man in the story as “the father”, a mistake that shows how these two versions parallel each other without entirely covering the same ground.

ANNOTATED DOCUMENT:  duMaurierDaphne_DontLookNow

Annotations by:  Rachel Linn

The annotated text is adapted from:  

  • du Maurier, Daphne.  “Don’t Look Now.”  Echoes from the Macabre.  Doubleday & Company, 1977.

Works cited & consulted in the annotations:  

  • Don’t Look Now.  Directed by Nicolas Roeg, performances by Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, Casey Productions, 1973.